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New - Nintendo 3DS PC Emulator. [3DSemu.exe, FreeDS, 3DSemulator]
With this Nintendo software emulator customers can preview 3DS games before they buy them. (search the net for '3DS roms' to download games)

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Nintendo 3DS Games and Emulator for PC

3DS PC EmulatorHow Nintendo 3DS Emulation works on PC and Mac

On PC the 3D Slider is virtually turned off, so you will see all graphics, but you will not get the depth of 3D effects that you would see on the original Nintendo console. This is until Sharp or another LCD producer releases their new 3D Without Glasses screens for laptops and desktop computers. Acer has already launched a series of 3D enabled laptops for gaming and viewing 3D movies on the go, so desktop computers and laptops from other producers are sure to follow shortly.

How to preview games on DS

If you would like to preview 3DS games on the actual 3DS console using a microSD flash card follow these steps:
- download the 3DS game roms from the net
- upload them to a micro SDHC flash card
- use 3DS Flash Card adapter (a.k.a R4 card) to play 3DS roms from microSD

Cheap R4i SDHC 3DS


3DS Flash Cards:

R4i SDHC 3DS cart

AceKard 3 first true Nintendo 3DS flash card from the team Ace that brougt You the original NDS Ace Kard and all time favorites like AK2i and AK2.1

EZ-Flash 3DS great EZ flash card at an affordable price from EZflash team that has a history of designing good cards for GBA, SP, DS and DSi.

SuperCard3DS new SuperCard 3 DS for 3D games. Successor to the DSONE and DSTWO DSi flash cards and iPlayer movie card for the DS.

Cyclo3DS best backup device that money can buy comes at a price bigger than others. Delivers on all of its promises. Good support and exelent build quality.


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3DS Flash Card for backing-up Nintendo 3DS games and playing homebrew games staright from the internet.



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3DS Games Download review latest 3D games and start downloading them from the net for free. We show you how.



dsi compatibleNintendo 3DS Emulator for PC, Linux and Mac OS X. Play nintendo games on computer.3DSemu the best Nintendo 3D handheld emulator for personal computers, iPhone and Android.